boys r so weak. boys r some pathetic shit. if u punch me in the boob my boob will still b able to sustain life for a new fuckin human. my boob can sustain the human race. if i kick u boys hard enough in the nuts u will never reproduce. ur genetic line is over bub. one well placed stiletto and u are getting shitty half-assed boners and no babies 4 life. who has the power son. who owns u. girls own u. i own u punk. sit down

  • on the tumblr: white boys must be stopped. at all costs. no excuses. end them.
  • on the streets: damn...wassup....

Justin and his friends singing ”We” with Rae Sremmurd & Mike Will Made It.

How do Muslim girls learn so much about sex :S


Sorry I forgot that Muslim women only reproduce via ankle flashing

I don’t do romance, Anastasia. My tastes are very singular.

*clenches thigh*